WISDOM, Perfume, Fragrance, edp, 40ml, by Rasasi.

Rasasi Wisdom

  • To live the passion, the tast and the pleasure of each single moment. That's the essence and perfection of acumen. Wisdom the fragrance for men. Wisdom wowed the audience with the towering appeal. The fragrance is dressed and masked with silver galvanized jacket, beneath is a crystal glass bottle with the base skirt and cap harmonizing the Intelligence of Wisdom. Wisdom is overwhelm, is what will probably be one of the most custom-ordered piece of the collection. With refined and elegant layers, this exquisite perfume that draws inspiration from the insight that grows within us. Wisdom creates lasting memories that grows and a bond that remains....Forever. Rasasi's wisdom - fragrance for Men made with knowledge, Intelligence & Astuteness.

    Fragrance notes description:- Top notes :- Floral, Fruity & Green. Middle notes :- Red Fruits, Apple, Exotic Fruits. Bottom notes :- Woody, Musk, Creamy, Floral.