TRULY FOR MEN, Perfume, Fragrance, edp, 95ml, by RASASI.

Rasasi Truly for Men

  • Out of the storm, and into calm waters, Truly for Men has the look of a helmsman, Who believes in the spiritual apprehension of "Sincerity" those are beyond the understanding. The fragrance is clear and precise, at the same time evocative of the sensual and spiritual roots of the tradition. Truth & Sincerity are sine qua non. Believing in the mystical powers that heal, transform and empower humanity. "Truth & Sincerity" are completely indissociable. Where there is truth, there is sincerity. Truth & Sincerity makes great couples. A major, full blown fragrance is launched as a homage to "Truth & Sincerity", created by Yours Truly, Rasasi.