Rania, Exclusive Oriental Exotic Concentrated Perfume Oil/attar, 20ml, by RASASI. A woody, flowery, musky Arabic Fragrance.

Rasasi Rania

  • Buy a beautiful and original perfume in a silver flacon which looks like a jewel itself. The fragrance is very concentrated, designed for a self-confident woman who knows what she wants. It is sweet, warm, sexy and long lasting. It is a sensational fragrance, which belongs to Oriental-fruity family with woody main notes. The fragrance explodes with fruity-flowery notes of Ylang, rose and Jasmine. The middle notes follow with a flowery-woody-fruity tones. It then concludes on a dominant base notes of floral-woody-moss-ambery-animal, musk which last for a long time. Fragrance Notes Description Top: Woody, Ylang, Rose & Jasmine Middle: Flowery, woody, & fruity Base: Floral, woody, moss, ambery, & musk