GORGEOUS WOMAN, Perfume, Fragrance, edp, 100ml, by Rasasi.

Rasasi Gorgeous Woman

  • Gorgeous Eau De Parfum explores a certain idea of cinematic elegance. The move, roll and splash as they adorn her pulses. The relationship a woman has with her fragrance is a romantic one. It graces her. It completes her. Every notes of this collection is as unique as the woman who wears the epitome of grace and elegance. Each Gorgeous notes swirls into a character and a role is magically born to set hearts a fire. Enjoy luxurious creation in solid crystal and pink glisten. It is all about simplicity combined with strong and interesting curves. This new shape is defined by draped silk glass, pulled in below the waist by distinctive bottom and tapering-up into a narrow, rolled-up neck. An elegant Womanliness pervades the Gorgeousness.