FIGHTING TEMPTATION, Perfume, Fragrance, edp, 100ml, by RASASI.

Rasasi Fighting Temptation Blue

  • From the time immemorial mankind has tried hard in fighting temptation. Now again just another challenge to all those entranced by the MAN brandishing the waves of “Fighting Temptation”. Fighting Temptation is a truly classic fragrance with an overpowering ability to kindle your passion and provoke your secret fantasies. This masculine fragrance is so enticing that it creates an aura of magnetism around you that is hard to resist. Go on! Let the charm of real man in you unleash the captivating and uncontrolled temptation around you. Dare to be a man to cast the powerful spell of “Fighting Temptation”. Fighting Temptation is playful yet innocent, pervasive yet reserved, tempting but irresistible…………………………….after all it is about temptation.

    Fragrance notes description:- Woody Floral Green / Spicy / Musk.