CHERISH BLACK, Perfume, Fragrance, 50ml, by RASASI.

Rasasi Cherish Black

  • There has never been a human mind hat does not hold memories of special moments or special people in their lives. The whiff of your loved ones, bring back memories that you never want to lose. Such cherished memories make you hold those moments, reminding you of your loved ones, who maybe far yet feels so near. "Cherish" comprises of just the right perfume ingredients to bring back those enchanting moments, it brings your loved one so near, you can almost feel them even when they are for away. Rasasi wishes you to "Cherish" those special moments with your loved ones, now and forever. Fragrance description:- An incredibly feminine fragrance with a delicate solar signature note. It reminds of warm skin heated by the sun. It’s a floral fruity fragrance heightened by the watery roes notes and luminous white flowers in its top. There is juicy peach and apricot at its heart supported by an elegant sandalwood patchouli and musk base. Top note : Floral, Fruity, Watery Rose, Luminous white flowers Middle note : Peach, Apricot Bottom note : Patchouli, Sandal and Musk