BUBBLY GAL, Perfume, Fragrance, edp, 50ml, by RASASI.

Rasasi Bubbly Gal

  • Jabber, chatter, babble, burble, gibber, gabble, tattle, rattle… Vivacious, dynamic, vibrant, perky, lively… Are the facet of a Bubbly Gal – revealed thru the appearance, body language, gestures, demeanor posture and fragrance. A ultra-feminine silhouette of the Rasasi’s Bubbly Gal is traced contemporary, precise yet delicate, reprising & exploring. Her eye contact, crossed legs, open arms and Rasasi’s scent specially designed, transmits the Bubbly gal presence. She makes friends and influence people with enthusiasm, charisma, poise and charm. Bubbly, a daring new fragrance for gals is all about being gutsy, seductive with a pleasant touch of mischievousness and having zest for life. Bubbly gal Eau de Parfum, for girls just wanna have fun!

    Fragrance Notes Description: Top Notes : Persimmon, Pomegranate Middle notes : Champaca, Black orchid, Lotus Blossom Bottom notes : Black Violet, Amber Drops, Musks, Mahogany woods, Gourmand Accord