AMBITION, Perfume, Fragrance, 70ml plus 150ml Deo, Crème De La Crème, by RASASI.

Rasasi Ambition For Men

  • Whether it is a child striving to take his first step or a young man dreaming of fame and recognition, ambition is the driving force behind everybody’s success. It is what determines our destiny. It is what makes us work single-mindedly to achieve our goal. A partially frosted bottle with product name in bold shiny silver and mahogany wood lacquered shoulder assembled in rich aluminum collar and cap make the otherwise simple bottle chic. An innovative outer box in new metallic covering material is not only spectacular but high-tech as well. The steel gray outer sleeve of the box has the duplicating effect of expensive metal and jewel visuals. Dark copper main box material has got inspiration from Egypt’s age old papyrus Fragrance trend: CITRUS / FLORAL/ AMBER. The top notes of the fragrance are built around a bergarnot, orange peel and sage leaves for their crisp and fresh attributes to provide contrast to the mellower heart base. The heart of the fragrance is a combination of flowers blended with aromatic woods and spices providing the radiant, masculine and sensual character. Top note : Citrus and aromatic Middle note : Floral and woody and spicy Bottom note : Amber and musk.