AL FAKHAMA, Luxuty, Oriental, Exotic, Perfume, Fragrance, Perfume Oil, Attar, 8ml, by RASASI.

Rasasi Al Fakhama

  • Al Fakhama signifies affordable splendor and creates an aura of majesty with luxury. The beautifully shaped and elegantly cut crystal bottle is a cynosure for all eyes. It radiates the magnificence theme of the product. The perfume is a unique mélange of high quality of Indian Agar oudh & attars that exhibit rich and sensuous aroma, which is destined to captivate and grab the attention, of one and all. The exquisite quality and design of the outer packaging complements the product and offers a wholesome delight. Al Fakhama brings to you the magnificence and exquisiteness of oudh and attar. It is bound to create a feeling of delight and desire in the wearer. It will make heads turn, hearts yearn and noses wish for more & more. It is true from the first whiff and sensuous till the last drop.