AFSHAAN Perfume, Fragrance, Perfume Oil, Attar, 20ml, by RASASI. A floral, spicy, oriental Arabic Fragrance.

Rasasi Afshaan Perfume Oil Attar

  • This contemporary adaptation is created and introduced to celebrate the success of the existing fragrance “Afshan” a favorite with many over the years. The fragrance is the magic combination of incredibly the very best floral essential oils bounded with high end complex of spicy and oriental notes.The unique blend of saffron & leaves as top notes buds with the enticing, exotic rose, ylang-ylang as the radiant floral heart. The fragrance reveals the base of Cedar wood & Musk toting-up depth and character.The fragrance is housed in a fascinating miniature bottle, a true acknowledgement of the old-adage signifying that all good things come in a small Package.