AL OUDH AL MUMAIZ RED, Luxury, Oriental, Exotic, Arabian, Perfume, Fragrance, edp, 35ml, by RASASI.

Al Oudh Al Mumaiz

  • Al Oudh Al Mumaiz – ‘Sensational but traditional’ is the combination of royalty and luxury. It is the symbol of nobility and modernity. The elegant style of the bottle with its exquisite handcrafted cuts is an impressive jewel which is designed to fascinate and appeal instantly. The sleek and stylish crystal beads with its ruby looks exhibit energy and inspires memories. The exotic fragrance which is a customized blend of prestigious oudh is bound to awaken, excite, attract and overcome the delicate senses of the wearer. It reflects women’s timeless qualities of charm, beauty and purity with an element of fashion and tradition.The outer packaging creates a consistent picture of freshness and gracefulness with its lively colors.